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Llama Mama Clothing Company is creating nursing and maternity apparel that is cool and affordable. Our clothes are designed by mamas who can relate. Nursing tops add much needed convenience to a breastfeeding mother's life.


Llama Mama Clothing Company's blog. We are building a community of moms who will listen to and encourage each other. We post on topics related to motherhood. Examples include nursing and breastfeeding testimonies and advice, maternity tips and tricks, and encouragement on raising infants, babies and toddlers.


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Llama Mama: Our Motivation

Whitney Eaton

I had no idea how difficult it is to live with an infant.

Dax being a baby

In hindsight, there were many warnings from caring friends and family - and total strangers, but no amount of warning could have prepared me for just how difficult it is to have an infant. I'm still only eight months in and by no means an expert, but what I do know for certain is this: every child is different, it is all challenging, and you really can't believe everything you read on the internet. Now, I tell everyone who will listen that in our case the first three months after Dax was born were the hardest of my life, but it gets better. So. Much. Better.

The motivation behind the creation of Llama Mama (we'll get to the name later) is twofold. One: to create a community of mamas who can listen, share and encourage one another. Two: to provide convenience to the lives of mamas everywhere.

I joined a group called Little Legacies at my church when Dax was nine weeks old. It is a mommy and me type group made up of first time mamas with newborns under the age of six months. It was truly life changing. (I've been known to exaggerate, but I'm totally serious!) I tend to shy away from group activities. I was not planning to go, and decided just a couple days before that I would at least see what it was all about. I was DYING to leave the house anyway. It was beyond surprising how much the community meant to me: "you mean other people know how I feel right now?!" I want that for ALL mamas!

Among the many challenges I faced during and after pregnancy was difficulty finding clothes that were comfortable, cute, convenient and reasonably priced. Our vision is to create maternity and nursing apparel that fits all of these parameters. As you may have seen, our first launch has three nursing wear styles. I designed them based on my personal style and needs. Now we want our next season of styles to be what YOU like! We will begin crowdsourcing ideas for the spring and summer styles very soon. If you're interested in putting a suggestion in, you can email me at or leave a comment below.

As for the name, Llama Mama, it really goes without saying: we love Llamas and Mamas! They're both fun, a little crazy and, now, WELL DRESSED! 

Image via, @ceviturtperu

Image via, @ceviturtperu