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Llama Mama Clothing Company is creating nursing and maternity apparel that is cool and affordable. Our clothes are designed by mamas who can relate. Nursing tops add much needed convenience to a breastfeeding mother's life.




Well, hello there.

My name is Whitney Eaton. I grew up in Dallas, Texas, and I can honestly say, "I love this town."

I became a mama in June 2016, and I made the very tough decision to stay at home with my baby boy, Dax. This was hard, ya'll. I loved my job, and I have no issues at all with hiring a caregiver. We just had a surprisingly difficult time finding a convenient school or nanny we were comfortable with, and before we knew it, Dax was here! I miss work and my coworkers and adult conversations, but Dax and I are best friends.

Many things about becoming a mom were difficult, but one thing Danny and I noticed was how inconvenient finding cute clothes were both during and after pregnancy. I purchased a nursing top from a seller on Amazon. At the time, there were very few options available and everything seemed really overpriced. But I was hooked!! The nursing top made it convenient to nurse Dax throughout the day without having to basically undress myself. It was also summer in Texas, so I wasn't super thrilled with having to wear a cami under everything. This is when we decided to start Llama Mama. I hope we are able to bring some of that convenience to your life as a mama. 

Our ultimate vision is to also create a community of Mama's, who are able to speak openly and encourage each other. It isn't an easy title to carry, and I have found that having friends in my corner in the same stage in life as been undoubtedly necessary in maintaining my sanity. 

I can easily be reached at for feedback, questions and if you just need a fellow mama to commiserate. 

- Whitney